Adventures in Bookland: The Four Men by Hilaire Belloc

The book is subtitled ‘A Farrago’ and, it is. The OED defines ‘farrago’ as a ‘confused mixture’ and that’s as accurate a one-word description of this book as I could come up with. No wonder then that Belloc, a better writer than I’ll ever be, came up with the description himself. But I still don’t understand what he was trying to do with this book: part hymn to home (in Belloc’s case, the county of Sussex), part debate in four voices, part knockabout philosophy and theological knockabout, part travelogue; trying to shoehorn all these elements, and more, between the covers of a single book has, pretty well inevitably, produced the advertised farrago. Belloc’s facility with words and the sheer energy he infuses into them dragged me through to the end – and I particularly enjoyed the delightful line drawings that enriched my edition (I couldn’t tell if they were by Belloc himself) – but I can’t say I’d recommend The Four Men to anyone other than a real Belloc completist.

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  1. vlad Says:

    Åhh så mysig och härlig läsning. Och så söt liten tjej ❤Förstår ochså din sorg efter dina gammelvovvar Det är den värsta biten när man har hund Men att ha hund ger så otroligt mycket Jag skulle aldrig komma ut så mycket utan mina fyrfota vänner Roligt att du valt denna underbara ras Golden. Har ju två tikar själv Mor o dotter Ska bli så spännande och följa er och den nya lilla familjemedlemmen. Ha en fin dag❤Lena

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